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The Big Day: Exile Island – Children’s Wish Foundation

The Children’s Wish Foundation helps grant wishes for local children, each diagnosed with a life threatening illness. As most of you know, The Faith Wilson Group has been fundraising for the Children’s Wish Foundation via Exile Island in order to raise enough money for our Wish Child, Kaelyn, to go on a Disney cruise with her family!

On November 14th, 2012, our tribe, “Kaelyn’s Cheerios” participated with Kaelyn and her parents in a fun-filled day of activites, challenges and adventure at the Richmond Oval in order to make our $10, 000 goal and be granted a ticket off the island.

Our team had so much fun reminiscing childhood through all the fun activities such as taking part in a drum circle, rock climbing, obstacle courses and so much more! “Kaelyn’s Cheerios” meant business that day, taking home the prizes of “Ultimate Survivor” and “Most Spirited Team.”

We wanted to share some photos from the event as well as give A HUGE THANK-YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED US REACH OUR GOAL for an amazing cause. We truly appreciate everyone, whether it be from donations, sponsorships, or attending our fundraising event at Ceili’s Irish Pub, we couldn’t have had it possible without your help.

And finally, a big shout out to The Children’s Wish Foundation for creating an amazing opportunity for us to experience and make magic happen!


-Our cutie-pie Wish Child, Kaelyn sitting by our sign!

-participating in the drum circle with the Drum Cafe – so much fun!

-Here we are for a photo op after one of the challenges!














Here’s where our namesake comes from – Kaelyn eating her cheerios!











Can you feel the intensity as we hurry to complete our challenge?










Caught in the act: Our winning team spirit cheer!










-Here we are accepting the award for “Ultimate Survivor”

The results: Kaelyn and her family on the Disney Cruise!


Photos courtesy of FWG, Amber Light Photography, Robin Toma Photography, Donna Milburn Photography & Children’s Wish Foundation (Thank you!)


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