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The Ultimate Checklist For Selling Your Home – Have You Covered All Your Bases?

Have You Covered All Your Bases? Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes. Are you considering or in the process of selling your home, and always feel like you’re one step behind? Or that you simply don’t know what the right thing to do is? There are so many people with those same anxieties, wondering how […]

What is Curb Appeal, and Why Does it Matter?

Think of how many online listings often look as you’re browsing through them; lush, clean, manicured front lawns, fresh paint on all outside walls of the house, neatly planted flower beds, clean windows and untouched siding. While no one buys a house solely based on its’ external appearance, the way it looks does matter when […]

Don’t Fall For These 4 Real Estate Hoaxes

Buying a house is a huge life milestone, and an expensive one at that. When you’re ready to start looking for your forever home, you’ll want to be wary of a few creative tricks that are sometimes used on first time buyers that simply don’t know any better. We can help you make the transition […]

5 Reasons to Attend Open Houses – Even If You’re Not in the Market

Open houses are an integral part of the home-buying journey, and attending them has many benefits beyond getting to view some beautiful local homes. Are you considering putting your home up for sale, but feel it just isn’t the right time? Maybe you’d like to know a little more about the market, meet with and […]

5 Key Components of a Serious Buyer

Are you a “serious buyer”? Not sure?
Use the 5 key components below in preparation, to position yourself as a serious well-informed buyer.

4 Major Seller Mistakes

Prior to listing your home for sale establish your reasons for selling and what’s most important to you in your situation: the money you walk away with, the length of time your property sells in or both?

Buy a Home Buy a Lifestyle

It has been said that when you purchase a home you also select a lifestyle. With so much diversity in BC it’s safe to say no 2 locations are exactly alike. Have a health conscious active lifestyle? Kitsilano may hit the mark? Love a beautiful evening stroll, along a street lined with historic homes and […]

The Beauty of Selling in Each Season

We’ve all heard it said…. “Fall and Winter are not the time to sell! You should wait until the Spring or Summer!” Homes are selling 365 days a year; let’s look beyond this common assumption and take a peek into the beauty of selling in both the colder, fall & winter months, as well as […]

Purchasing a Home is a Process Not an Event

Let’s take a quick glance at the process and dive into how your trusted Faith Wilson Group Agent takes you through the process step by step: Learn what you can affordWhy rule out completely viable options or waste time looking at homes that are simply infeasible? A Full-Service Realtor can get you started on the […]

The Ouch Behind Overpricing

Here’s why the appeal may not be worth the risk. Let’s look at a domino effect overpricing may result in: Burning your listing-Today’s buyers are savvy and well informed about the market trends. An overpriced listing will be compared to other homes that are truly in that the price range. If your home doesn’t stack […]

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