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Buy a Home Buy a Lifestyle

It has been said that when you purchase a home you also select a lifestyle. With so much diversity in BC it’s safe to say no 2 locations are exactly alike. Have a health conscious active lifestyle? Kitsilano may hit the mark? Love a beautiful evening stroll, along a street lined with historic homes and […]

Bank of Canada holds key interest rate at 1.75% as economic outlook dims

The Bank of Canada took a cautionary approach to the overnight rate. NO CHANGE at this time, comments and language from the Governor of the Bank of Canada is a bit more cautious, they are watching the overall economy, Canadian Dollar, Oil prices (recent actions taken by the Alberta Government), Global Trade, etc.  Expectations for […]

Christie’s Auction News

Hockney Masterpiece breaks world Record in New York…

Help us donate to Totes for Hope – UGM Women’s Shelter

Faith Wilson Group in conjunction with RBC are asking for your help. We are looking for donations of various sized tote bags filled with Brand new or unused Toiletries, which will be donated directly to the UGM Women’s shelter. These items may include but are not limited to: Unused soap, shower goods, lotions, combs/brushes, makeup, tampons, […]

The Beauty of Selling in Each Season

We’ve all heard it said…. “Fall and Winter are not the time to sell! You should wait until the Spring or Summer!” Homes are selling 365 days a year; let’s look beyond this common assumption and take a peek into the beauty of selling in both the colder, fall & winter months, as well as […]

Purchasing a Home is a Process Not an Event

Let’s take a quick glance at the process and dive into how your trusted Faith Wilson Group Agent takes you through the process step by step: Learn what you can affordWhy rule out completely viable options or waste time looking at homes that are simply infeasible? A Full-Service Realtor can get you started on the […]

The Ouch Behind Overpricing

Here’s why the appeal may not be worth the risk. Let’s look at a domino effect overpricing may result in: Burning your listing-Today’s buyers are savvy and well informed about the market trends. An overpriced listing will be compared to other homes that are truly in that the price range. If your home doesn’t stack […]

B.C. Speculation Tax

Original Document: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/taxes/property-taxes/publications/is-2018-001-speculation-tax.pdf Urban centres throughout the province are in a housing crisis. Rents and home prices have surged past local incomes and, in many communities, vacancy rates sit close to 0%. Speculation has contributed to runaway prices and made it difficult for British Columbians to find a home they can afford. This is hurting people, businesses and communities. The […]

Faith Wilson Group is taking a stand to end the Barbaric act of Bear Bile Farming.

UPDATE: We have raised $2200 for this cause!  More than 10,000 bears are kept on bile farms in China, and official figures put the number suffering the same fate in Vietnam at about 1,000. The bears have their bile extracted on a regular basis, for use not only in traditional medicine, but also in many […]

Faith Wilson Group is pleased to announce the sale of 3490 Pine Crescent

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – Faith Wilson Group is pleased to announce the sale of 3490 Pine Crescent in beautiful Vancouver, BC for $26 million, represented by Faith Wilson. This newly-built 12,619-square-foot family residence, set in Vancouver’s superior Shaughnessy neighborhood, 3490 Pine Crescent exhibits the finest pedigree and unique sense of style and elegance inspired by […]

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