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10 Steps to Buying Your Home

If you're considering buying real estate in Vancouver, you've got to have Faith.

With over 20 years of proven performance and hundreds of satisfied clients, Faith Wilson is consistently one of Vancouver's Top REALTORS® year after year.

In today's market, you need a team that has seen it all and has a track record of delivering both successful results and happy clients. Our track record of satisfied clients speaks volumes with respect to our knowledge of the market, our focused attitude, our attention to detail, our perseverance, and our negotiation skills.. All of this has allowed us to deliver on our promise of successful results in a fast-paced and dynamic real estate market.

You can gain a better understanding of our home buying process by viewing the 10 steps below - you can click through to more details on each of the steps. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

For your convenience we have created a PDF file of this entire blog series:
Download 10 Steps to Buying PDF

Choose a Realtor – Buying a Home Step 1

Buying a Property You have decided to buy a home. Congratulations! Home is where the heart is, where memories are forged. It can also be a great investment. If this isn’t your first home purchase, then what you read here may be old hat, but there is always room for a little refresher. Having a […]

Mortgage Pre-Approval – Buying a Home Step 2

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage could well be the first on your list of things to do when buying a home. However, sometimes a real estate agent will be called in first, and “Have you been pre-approved for your new purchase?” will be one of the items they will ask. Having the knowledge of what […]

Make Your Wish List – Buying a Home Step 3

Ensure you create a solid set of criteria – from “must-haves” to “would-likes” – that suit your lifestyle choices and your budget. Let’s face it, for most of us, what we want and what we can afford are two different things. Having a clear understanding of what you can afford will inform your next set […]

Pound the Pavement! – Buying a Home Step 4

Most of us will not buy a home we haven’t seen, so viewing homes is an important part of the buying process. Did you know: Buyers make their home buying decision within the first few seconds of walking through the front door? Why is that? Because we need to engage with the property before we […]

You are making an offer! – Buying a Home step 5

Your real estate agent will now put to good use their expertise in contract writing to ensure that the contract stipulates to the Seller your interest in this property, under the terms and conditions that you put forth. The contract should be concise, easy to understand and enforceable. Unless you are writing a “no-subject” offer […]

Submitting your offer! – Buying a Home Step 6

Your realtor will now send the offer over to the listing realtor. Once viewed the seller has options to either: Accept – Yippee, you have bought a home! Reject – Oops! They have outright said “no”. Counter – the seller wants to work with you on this offer. However, they have some items that they either […]

Due Diligence – Buying a Home Step 7

The time allotted for you to address the clauses in your offer is your due diligence period. Unless you are writing a no-subject offer (there are many scenarios to writing offers and negotiating, so ensure that your agent has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through these waters) your offer will contain not only an […]

Inspection – Buying a Home Step 8

One of your conditions to purchasing a home will likely be an inspection of the home and property, to be performed by a qualified inspector. An inspection is an important part of your due diligence and a good inspector will give you a lot of good information about the property. They will be able to […]

Lawyer or Notary Public – Buying a Home Step 9

You will need to hire a lawyer or notary public to transfer title into your name. And, you should contact your lawyer or notary as early as possible in the process. Here is a basic list of services your lawyer provides: Information is gathered from you, including how you plan to hold title with a […]

Moving in! – Buying a Home Step 10

Now you are almost at the finish line and can envision putting your feet up on the coffee table and enjoy a long cool drink. But there are still a few loose ends that need to be cleared up. Below is checklist to ensure that you cover off all the little details: Arrange for a […]

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