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Thinking of moving to Vancouver?

Experts from across North America agree that Vancouver is the smart choice of top cities to live in.

As recently reported by the world’s leading magazine and publications, the verdict is in, with Vancouver finishing with flying colours in security, stability, scenery, livability, climate, restaurants, entertainment, education & transportation. Whether moving here for work or school, Vancouver is truly a top destination for a Canadian home, condominium or international pied-à-terre.

A World “Top 10” Again

The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Ranking 2019


As previously reported in The Economist magazine from the exclusive Economist Intelligence Unit, their report is fittingly titled “The World’s Most Liveable Cities”. Well publicized around the globe by both major media and online, the Economist list of the world’s best cities quantifies living conditions such as stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education and infrastructure. These are precisely the advantages of Canada’s jewel on the Pacific – Vancouver, British Columbia. Year after year, Vancouver is truly one of “The Most Liveable Cities” on the planet.


  1. Vienna, Austria

  2. Melbourne, Australia

  3. Sydney, Australia

  4. Osaka, Japan

  5. Calgary, Canada

  6. Vancouver, Canada

  7. Toronto, Canada

  8. Tokyo, Japan

  9. Copenhagen, Denmark

  10. Adelaide, Australia

Why We’re in the Top 10

  • Safe Streets
  • World-Leading Education
  • Economic stability
  • Stable Governments at all Levels
  • Low Crime Rate

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Vancouver Named Top Ten Best City By Prestigious Publication

The Best Cities In The World – Condé Nast (2018)


Condé Nast Traveler of New York recognized as one of the finest publications for the discriminating traveler, recently named the city of Vancouver a top ten “Best City in the World”, and the ONLY city in North American to make this special list. Vancouver’s creative arts scene, safety, rugged natural beauty and ethnic diversity in people & cuisine make it an absolute bucket list destination for the world traveler.


  1. Tokyo, Japan

  2. Vienna, Austria

  3. Kyoto, Japan

  4. Barcelona, Spain

  5. Paris, France

  6. Sydney, Australia

  7. Madrid, Spain

  8. Vancouver, B.C., Canada

  9. Rome, Italy

  10. Munich, Germany

Top Vancouver Attractions

  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Granville Island
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Stanley Park
  • Grouse Mountain

Vancouver The Only North American City In The Top 10



Global Finance’s 10 best cities list is based on these four reputable rankings: Monocle Magazine’s 2019 Quality of Life Survey, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index, Mercer Consulting’s Quality of Living City Ranking and Deutsche Bank’s Liveability Survey. Global Finance magazine reports: “Global employers take these city rankings into account to define their talent attraction and retention strategies, executives and employees consult them to make critical career decisions and seize the best opportunities a place can offer.”


  1. Vienna, Austria

  2. Zurich, Switerland

  3. Copenhagen, Denmark

  4. Munich, Germany

  5. Melbourne, Australia

  6. Vancouver, Canada

  7. Tokyo, Japan

  8. Helsinki, Finland

  9. Sydney, Australia

  10. Wellington, New Zealand

North America’s Highest Quality of Life

  • Great Weather
  • Stunning Scenery
  • A City Designed for Healthy Living
  • Urban Amenities
  • Excellent Dining & Nightlife

Vancouver The One & Only Top Ranked City In North America

Monocle Quality Of Life Survey 2019


Sourced from London, England, Monocle Magazine is one of the world’s finest publications for sophisticated urbanites and their city. These metropolis rankings quantify the vitality and vibrancy of today’s global urban centres analyzing crime, outdoor pursuits, available healthcare, state-funded education, and even takes into account conveniences such as outdoor seating. Other metrics to Monocle’s “Quality of Life Survey” are the cost of public transport, the price of renting a flat, the outlay for a good lunch and more. Vancouver consistently finishes in the top 25 cities on the planet according to Monocle Magazine, and is the ONLY city in North America to make this prestigious ranking.


  1. Zürich

  2. Tokyo

  3. Munich

  4. Copenhagen

  5. Vienna

  6. Helsinki

  7. Hamburg

  8. Madrid

  9. Berlin

  10. Lisbon

  11. Melbourne

  12. Stockholm

  13. Sidney

  14. Amsterdam

  15. Vancouver

  16. Hong Kong

  17. Kyoto

  18. Barcelona

  19. Paris

  20. Düsseldorf

  21. Auckland

  22. Fukuoka

  23. Brisbane

  24. Oslo

  25. Singapore

North America’s Highest Quality of Life

  • Spectacular Setting
  • Efficient Transit
  • Adventure Gateway
  • Canadian Healthcare
  • World Leading Public Schools


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Vancouver Named Top North American City. Again.

Mercer Quality Of Living Survey 2018


As reported by Mercer.com in their 21st annual Quality of Living Survey, giving insight into the finest in modern city living around the globe. Mercer’s “Quality of Living Survey” is used by government embassies and international companies when it comes to the relocation of executives and embassy officials. It assists in deciding what cities could constitute a hardship post. Mercer.com states: “Vancouver – the highest ranking city in North America for the last 10 years.”


  1. Vienna, Austria

  2. Zurich, Switzerland

  3. Vancouver, Canada

  4. Munich, Germany

  5. Auckland, New Zealand

  6. Düsseldorf, Germany

  7. Frankfurt, Germany

  8. Copenhagen, Denmark

  9. Geneva, Switzerland

  10. Basel, Switzerland

North America’s Highest Quality of Living

  • Top-Ranked City Planning
  • Clean Air – Right off the Ocean
  • Mildest Climate in Canada
  • Safe
  • Multi-Cultural and Multi-Lingual

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Canada comes in 2nd for “BEST COUNTRIES”

Ranking from USNEWS.com


“A set of 65 country attributes – terms that can be used to describe a country and that are also relevant to the success of a modern nation – were identified. Attributes by nation were presented in a survey of more than 16,000 people from across the globe where participants assessed how closely they associated one with the other.”

“Canadians pride themselves in encouraging all of their citizens to honor their own cultures. In 1971, Canada adopted a national policy of multiculturalism, which celebrates the country’s diversity.”


  1. Germany

  2. Canada

  3. United Kingdom

  4. United States

  5. Sweden

  6. Australia

  7. Japan

  8. France

  9. Netherlands

  10. Denmark

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SmartCity Press Ranks Vancouver as #1 green city

Top 10 Eco-friendly Cities In The World


As reported by environmental website SmartCityPress.com, Vancouver finishes in the Top 10 as one of the best eco-friendly cities in the world. Vancouver air quality scores impress, as it produces the lowest amount of emissions among the major cities of North America. Vancouver is aiming to become the greenest city by 2020 with the Green City Action Team (GCAT).


  1. Vancouver, Canada

  2. Curitiba, Brazil

  3. Reykjavik, Iceland

  4. Portland, USA

  5. Copenhagen, Denmark

  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  7. San Francisco, USA

  8. Cape Town, South Africa

  9. Helsinki, Finland

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US & Canada Green City Index – Vancouver comes 2nd!

The Economist Intelligence Unit – US and Canada Green City Index – Sponsored by Siemens


As reported in Time magazine in 2011 based on an Economist Intelligence Unit study, the Green City Index identifies the top cities in North America for a clean water supply, lower levels of carbon dioxide, best practices in city transportation & transit, recycling & composting of waste materials and laws with regards to an improved environment. Finishing 2nd overall of major cities in the US & Canada, the City of Vancouver is now targeting 2020 to claim the ‘Greenest City in the World’.

  1. San Francisco (83.8)

  2. Vancouver (81.3)

  3. New York City (79.2)

  4. Seattle (79.1)

  5. Denver (73.5)

  6. Boston (72.6)

  7. Los Angeles (72.5)

  8. Washington DC (71.4)

  9. Toronto (68.4)

  10. Minneapolis (67.7)

Numbers in Brackets Indicate a City’s Total Score

North America’s Highest Quality of Life

  • Mecca of Green Enterprise
  • Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  • Zero Waste through Recycling
  • Best Drinking Water of any City
  • Developing Urban Food Systems

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