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Deciding when to Sell & Signing a Listing Agreement

Deciding when the time is right…  

The final selling price of your home is impacted by when you decide to sell. However, many of us do not have the luxury of waiting for a market to change from a Buyer’s market to a Seller’s market for the sake of securing a higher price. This brings us back to the reasons why you are selling and your real estate goals. 

Let’s consider some examples:

Are you relocating to another city or country?
If so, you may not be able to wait to see if the market changes in your favour.

Do you have a growing family that is bursting at the seams in your current home?
If so, you may not be able to wait until the market is more affordable for that larger, more suitable home.

Do you plan on selling and buying in the same market?
If so, you should consider the possible benefits. If you are selling in a Buyer’s market and want to upgrade, then the price point differential could actually work in your favour.

Do you have to sell in this particular season?
If so, you should keep in mind that Vancouver’s real estate market, can be affected by seasonal factors, such as weather.

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