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Help us donate to Totes for Hope – UGM Women’s Shelter

Faith Wilson Group in conjunction with RBC are asking for your help. We are looking for donations of various sized tote bags filled with Brand new or unused Toiletries, which will be donated directly to the UGM Women’s shelter. These items may include but are not limited to: Unused soap, shower goods, lotions, combs/brushes, makeup, tampons, socks, underwear, hats, gloves, scarves, perfume. If you have other items that you think can be used you may add them in. Many of these women are in need of the bare necessities that get us through our day to day, and with your generosity we hope to make a difference in any measure we can.

We will be collecting donations here at Faith Wilson Group until the last week of November. The donations will be delivered during the first week of December, just before the holiday season. We hope you can help out, and thank you in advance for your support!

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