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Make Your Home Show-Ready

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Garnering the knowledge of what constitutes a show-ready home is always the best place to start. Do some research: use the internet, talk to REALTORS®, speak with a professional stager or even visit open houses in your neighbourhood. Once you have an understanding of how to show your home in its best light, make a comprehensive list of the items that need to be addressed prior to having real Buyers coming into your home. If you’ve already selected a REALTOR®, try to be as straightforward and clear as possible with him or her. Remember that your REALTOR® is part of your team and is working to help you achieve your goal(s).

Depending on the age and/or style of your home, renovations may be the most effective method of preparing your home for sale. Renovations can mean something as simple as replacing an unstable handrail, or as complex as replacing your roof.

Generally speaking, there are four reasons to consider a renovation prior to selling:

  • Fix an existing safety concern that exists
  • Solve an issue that is likely to be ear-marked during the home inspection process
  • Increase the likelihood of achieving a sale
  • Help you achieve a quicker sale at an increased sales price

Here are the 4 most effective areas of renovation to consider prior to selling your home:

1. Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s the gathering place for family and friends. If you are selling your home with a kitchen is less than stellar, this is one of the best places to invest a few dollars. Statistics on kitchen renovations have shown that the return on investment can be over 40%, and can lead to a quicker sale with more dollars in your pocket. We always recommend going to an expert for help when choosing fixtures, fittings and colour tones.

2. Bathrooms
Bathrooms are another place where renovation dollars can make sense and can help to maximize your sale price in a shorter timeframe. With bathrooms it is always best to ensure that you are appealing to the widest audience. Therefore, be sure to use current fixtures and fittings and get an expert to help you choose colour tones.

3. Flooring
Stained and outdated carpeting are the most common turnoffs for Buyers. You may opt to replace the flooring. This is where a savvy designer and/or REALTOR® can help you to make a wise decision. This will play into the perceived value of the property.

4. Roofing
If your roof is on the verge of needing replacement, you may opt to have this done prior to selling. But depending on the situation, this could either help your sale or hurt it. A REALTOR® can give you advice on the pros and cons, depending on your specific selling goals.

Now that you have attended to renovations, the subjectivity of a viewing comes into play.


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