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More Homes for More Money – Faster

The Simple Reality is…

We move more homes…

816 homes

bought/sold in the past 5 years.

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This level of successful sales transactions demonstrates…

  • Proven client centric approach works;
  • Proven ability to consistently meet clients’ needs, wants and expectations;
  • Proven ability to the sale of properties from entry-level condos to true mansions;
  • Proven ability to successfully complete wide ranging and cross-cultural negotiations;
  • Proven hassle free contractual excellence, and thus, repeat clients and strong referrals;
  • Proven property valuation expertise based upon superior market knowledge.

…for more money…

In our 3 year survey we sold homes for

2.15%* more

than the MLS® average.

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This level of successful sales transactions demonstrates…

  • Our belief is that your property is one of your most signifi cant fi nancial assets and should return you top dollar within given market conditions when you wish to sell it.
  • The study of 2014-2016 sales by the Faith Wilson Group of detached homes clearly demonstrates that the combination of our marketing plan, pricing strategy and negotiation guidance outperforms the MLS average sale price to list price to deliver signifi cant positive results for our clients.
  • Although the scale of the results will vary transaction to transaction and market to market, the bottom line is a signifi cant client bottom line advantage based on our system!


That is over 2 + weeks faster**

& means more time for you to plan your next move.

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This result speaks to the precision of our system and personnel who marry the realities of today’s market with in-depth current market knowledge to design a pricing strategy that respects your schedule while addressing the overall goal of achieving a sales price acceptable to you. This precision gives you time to consider and execute the next step in your home buying plan with complete peace of mind.

*Based on 2014-2016 VVW Detached sales, the average sale price in VVW was $3,331,087.33. The average sale price vs. list price of Faith Wilson Group’s 2016 VVW sales was 2.15% higher than the MLS® average. **The MLS average Days On Market (VVW Detached) was 38. The average D.O.M. of Faith Wilson Group’s 2016 VVW sales was 40.4% less than the MLS® average.

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