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Moving in! – Buying a Home Step 10

Now you are almost at the finish line and can envision putting your feet up on the coffee table and enjoy a long cool drink. But there are still a few loose ends that need to be cleared up.

Below is checklist to ensure that you cover off all the little details:

  • Arrange for a lawyer or notary to handle the sale of your home and the purchase of your new home

Moving Checklist

  • If you have children and they have to change schools, start arranging their school transfer process
  • At the local post office fill out a change of address form with your new address. Note: Canada Post offers this service online at smartmoves.ca
  • Arrange for Insurance for your new home
  • Investigate and research moving companies and/or truck rental companies. It is a good idea to get written confirmation of date and costs. Note: Weekends and holiday long weekends and month ends are busy times for moving companies. Book as far in advance as possible to ensure you can get the days you want.
  • Arrange for a cleaning company for carpets and someone to do a last minute clean after the movers are finished.
  • Make a list of the items in your home that will need special attention while moving or special packing (ie computers, fine china, televisions etc)
  • If there are items such as furniture and drapes that you will not be taking to your new home, now is a good time to determine what you will sell or donate.
  • Purchase or get boxes and moving supplies (if you are using a mover they will be able to supply you) such as packing tape, bubble wrap, paper required to start your packing.
  • Time to start packing! To make it easier, begin with the items in your home you DO NOT use regularly. Be sure to clearly label or number boxes to make it easier when you unpack. If you have time it is a great idea to make a list of what is in each box. Also, inform companies and institutions that you use about your new address. Note: Many companies allow you to do this on line: Cable, phone & internet service providers Security service
  • Banks
  • Insurance company
  • Hydro & utility services
  • Doctor and Dentist offices
  • Gardener & Cleaner
  • Any subscriptions you may have

Two Weeks Before

  • Confirm reservations with movers or truck rental company
  • Cancel or transfer newspaper delivery service
  • Finish packing this week
  • Call your lawyer and mortgage company to ensure they have all the
    documentation they need and arrange time for any final signatures they may
  • Confirm the time you will receive keys to your new home.

The Day Before
Gather items of importance – the things you wish to transport to your new home yourself (i.e. jewellery, passports, laptops etc).
Pack a travel bag of items your family may need on moving day:

  • tooth brushes
  • soap
  • towels
  • toilet paper
  • medications
  • paper plates
  • paper cups
  • a change of clothing

And now… relax! And congratulations!

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