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Thinking about Selling
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Thinking about Selling your home?*

Selling your home is most likely one of the most important financial decisions in your life. This decision should be made with complete peace of mind. Therefore, when you choose to sell your home with Faith Wilson Group, YOU get something that is unique in the market: our three part FWG Peace of Mind Seller’s guarantee. And at Faith Wilson Group we put our money where our heart is, by offering a reward if you find we didn’t live up to our promises.

To ensure that you receive our guarantee in writing we have created a V.I.P. Seller’s Agreement which outlines each of the promises that we commit to when selling your home, and our guarantees of performance

The three-part FWG Peace of Mind Seller’s Guarantee:

  • Communications Guarantee. We Guarantee that we will keep you up to date at EVERY stage of the home selling process in the manner that you prefer to ensure you can make the most informed decisions:
    1. We will follow up with ALL potential Buyers and Buyer’s Agents after every showing, open house and agent open house, within 24 hours.
    2. We will provide relevant feedback to you – the Seller – after each event in your home selling process, within 24 hours, by your preferred mode of contact.
    3. We will provide you with an updated market evaluation of your home a minimum of once per month during the length of the listing, via email or in person.
  • Accolades and Achievements Authenticity Guarantee. Faith Wilson Group has received accolades and has been recognized for its many achievements which are stated in our marketing materials. Our Authenticity Guarantee assures you that all of the statements that we make about our awards, accolades and achievements are authentic and not inflated in any way. They are an accurate, factual representation and fully supported by documentation.
  • 68 Point Professional Services Guarantee. To assure you that your best interests are always front and center, Faith Wilson Group stands behind our exclusive 68 point professional services guarantee.

Professional Services Guarantee promises

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As a V.I.P. Seller, you receive all of our 68 Point Professional Sellers Services:

  1. Be available to you throughout the process of selling your home to ensure that your needs are being met, questions are being answered, you are fully informed
  2. In-house marketing and advertising agency at your service
  3. Collaborative FWG team at your service, meaning no missed opportunities
  4. Explain the fee for services provided and how we pay a cooperating brokerage who brings their buyer to your property and facilitates a sale
  5. View your home and review all aspects of the property in detail and present to you a professional “Competitive Market Analysis”
  6. Recommend a specific pricing strategy for your home based on recent comparable properties in your neighbourhood, subjective appeal and in-depth market knowledge
  7. Estimate the net proceeds that will result from the sale of your home (i.e. after REALTOR® fees, taxes, mortgage payout)
  8. Provide and explain the “Working with a REALTOR®” brochure
  9. Remit FINTRAC – Canada’s money laundering reporting requirements
  10. Prepare authorization document (listing agreement) that authorizes Faith Wilson Group to sell your home, signed copy provided to you within 24 hours
  11. Mark and tag your keys (no address or last names), kept in our key box and stored in our safe for “safe keeping”
  12. Send you an itinerary of first actions: photo/video access, floor plans, agent opens and open houses
  13. Apprise you of oil tank responsibility and offer recommendations (when applicable)
  14. Explain the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
  15. Provide regular real time information about current market conditions as we move through the selling process
  16. Purchase and review the title search of your home and alert you to any potential issues
  17. Purchase all relevant documents for strata titled property (where applicable)
  18. Contact local city and/or municipal authorities in order to obtain any further information that may be required about this property
  19. Articulate the strengths and weaknesses of the property
  20. Understand the basic Feng Shui aspects of the home and property
  21. Be aware of potential objections and remove them if possible, if not possible, understand how to diffuse or turn into a positive
  22. Finalize all the research
  23. Create a to-do list to get your home show-ready
  24. Facilitate, as per your desire, the completion of all to-do items, by coordinating with a bevy of proven service providers on your behalf
  25. Create a detailed snap-shot document of your home: how to lock up, alarm code, pet instructions where applicable, all details that are relevant to showing and securing the property
  26. Create a customized marketing plan for your home, in order to target the most qualified Buyers
  27. Develop advertising copy to be used for your home’s online profile, for feature sheets and brochures, for print advertising and in other channels, as required
  28. Create an accurate floor plan of your detached home by a bonded professional (where applicable)
  29. Have strong knowledge of the neighbourhood profile: public & private schools, parks, walkability, transportation, conveniences; weave into marketing and articulate appropriately
  30. Have a professional photographer create a beautiful, thoughtful and comprehensive montage of your home, plus a high-definition video (video where applicable)
  31. Compile all marketing materials (copy, photography, video, floor plans, etc.) to create a powerful and engaging online profile of your home on the Faith Wilson Group website
  32. Create a compelling and powerful marketing handout package for use at agent opens, open houses and private showings
  33. Translate all English copy to Chinese for potential use in the Chinese newspapers, magazines and websites
  34. Utilize print media in the marketing campaign
  35. Submit the Property to the Multiple Listing Service® and manage the details in real-time
  36. Install a professional Faith Wilson Group “For Sale” sign on your property, recognized for integrity and trust.
  37. Present your home to a large audience through a vetted process of high traffic web sites and through affiliated web portals world-wide
  38. Share your home via our unique social media strategy which includes channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more
  39. E-blast to thousands of local realtors who have potential purchasers for your home
  40. E-blast to FWG potential purchasers
  41. Utilize our affiliation with RBC, Canada’s number one mortgage provider, through their local branch Kiosks for property promotion, digital boards for brand recognition and e-blasts to their mortgage brokers clients of our client’s properties as they come to market
  42. Prior to a first showing our FWG Property Showing Specialists have visited the property, are aware of strengths and weaknesses and familiar with the neighbourhood – they have done their homework!
  43. Book private appointments through Client Care and inform you of same
  44. At all times, your property is represented by one of our qualified and licensed FWG Property Showings Specialists
  45. Provide relevant information about your home to a Buyer/Buyer agent when appropriate
  46. Always ensure your home is locked up and secured as per your request, when we leave the property
  47. Host open houses for other real estate agents (Agents Opens)
  48. Host public open houses
  49. Respond to REALTOR® and Buyer questions about the property, engage them and stimulate them to write offers
  50. Provide you with feedback after every showing visit to your home
  51. Host private showings by appointment
  52. Create and keep current, a showings spread sheet of all showing activity for your home, including name(s), contact information and feedback provided
  53. When an offer is received, ensure that all Buyers/Buyer Agents have been contacted and informed of offer presentation time
  54. Ensure that a legally enforceable contract has been written
  55. Present to you and negotiate offers
  56. Write offers if required
  57. Manage the due diligence period of the contract
  58. Attend the property inspection
  59. Provide assistance to the Buyer and/or Buyer’s Agent to keep the process on track
  60. Once subject removal has been received, ensure all deposits have been placed in a trust account
  61. Deliver all conveyance documents to the Seller’s lawyer or notary
  62. Provide you with a moving checklist
  63. Be in contact from subject removal to closing to ensure that your needs are being met
  64. Assist you in finding a new home and move to that new home!
  65. Provide you with a list of key items and “to-dos”, in order to pass your home on to the new owner
  66. Receive the keys from you and provide same to the Buyer/Buyer Agent at time of possession
  67. Walk through the property prior to turning over keys to Buyer/Buyer Agent to ensure that property is in order and mitigate any potential problems
  68. Stay in touch after the sale of your home

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General Conditions

  1. Faith Wilson Realty Group Inc. guarantees to communicate with you via your preferred manner of communication – whether that is telephone, email, text or other – within a schedule that you choose. If we fail to meet that guarantee, we will pay you $250, up to a maximum of $500.
  2. Faith Wilson Realty Group Inc. guarantees that any and all statements that we make regarding awards and accolades that we have received, achievements that we have made and performance statements that we deliver are authentic, truthful and accurate. If any of our statements are inaccurate, we will donate $1,000 in your name to your choice of the charities that FWG supports (We Give Back page).
  3. Faith Wilson Realty Group Inc. publishes a 68 Point Professional Services Guarantee and strives to live to each of the promises that are made. If we cannot meet one of the promises, we will give you $1,000 at time of closing.
  4. Seller agrees to list their home with Faith Wilson Realty Group Inc. for a mutually agreed period of time, and to also sign a Faith Wilson Group V.I.P. Seller’s Agreement.

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604-224-5277 Toll Free: 1-855-760-6886

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