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Jennifer Chung, Property Presentation Manager / REALTOR®

I make it my top priority to ensure that everything about the presentation of your home runs smoothly, including providing the resources our Property Specialist teams need to best show and sell your home.

Jennifer Chung, 

Property Presentation Manager / REALTOR®


    As the Manager of the Property Presentation Specialist team, Jennifer, a licensed Realtor, finds herself in her element and thriving when helping clients fulfill their goals of selling and buying homes.

    Jennifer’s responsibilities encompass managing and providing training and guidance to the FWG Property Specialists Team. This team’s role is the on-site presentation of the property to those few buyers who have “short listed” the property in competition with other options. This phase is critical to sales success. Jennifer ensures everything about the presentation of your home runs smoothly. In addition, Jennifer and the PSS team insure that you are continually kept in the loop.

    Jennifer and her team deploy all of the resources needed in order to prepare and show your home as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    • Studying each feature and highlight of your home in order to positively showcase all of its qualities, including the neighbourhood, schools, shops, restaurants and amenities.
    • Impartially assessing your property, in order to predict any potential objections and prepare replies for any objections that may arise.
    • Researching and understanding comparable listings within the neighbourhood including active listings or recent sales and thus are prepared to position your property competitively should the opportunity arise.
    • Arriving early to prepare your property and to show it at its most appealing: setting the best tone and lighting for each showing.
    • Registering all buyers and their Realtors® at each showing while securing your home and possessions before, after and throughout the showing.
    • Communication with you is a top priority for the PSS team. They will provide sellers with initial feedback on the same day of the showing. Further, they will contact the buyer’s agent within 24 hours of the showing for further feedback in order to gauge the buyers’ level of interest, answer any additional questions and handle any potential objections. In doing so, they always consider ways to encourage buyers to put pen to paper for an offer. Sellers are fully informed every step of the way.
    • Upon receiving an offer, the visitor registry is reviewed and each potential buyer is called to generate further interest, with the intention of stimulating additional offers.
    • Updates to the property’s market evaluations are created on a regular basis, to ensure that a property’s market value is understood in relation to market activity.

    Born in New Jersey and raised between New York and Vancouver, Jennifer has now called Vancouver home for over 15 years and has a deep appreciation of what this city has to offer.
    Jennifer graduated with a degree in Psychology and English Literature from UBC. An avid reader, she also enjoys traveling, painting, hiking, winter sports, volleyball, and spur of the moment adventures in Vancouver with family and friends.


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