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Lorraine Gingras, RBC Mortgage Specialist

After 25 years in banking, with 10 years as a Mortgage Specialist, I understand that each client has a unique set of circumstances, which makes me the ideal professional to customize a mortgage solution for you.

Lorraine Gingras, 

RBC Mortgage Specialist

C 604-315-6216

T 604-224-5277


    Lorraine Gingras is a sought after mortgage specialist from the Royal Bank of Canada, known for her ability to get things done. In her 23 years of banking, with 7 years as a mortgage specialist, she's been a consistently top performer who understands that each client has a unique set of circumstances, making her the ideal mortgage professional to customize a mortgage solution for any client. Her wealth of experience ensures that she can overcome obstacles in an effort to close every deal.

    Lorraine is available anytime, anywhere, to work with clients, providing personalized one-on-one service to ensure the entire process is simplified and efficient. She ensures she keeps current with market trends and can help clients with appropriate solutions to their home-financing needs. With her schooling in Public Relations, she has built highly productive, long term relationships with her industry partners, such as the Faith Wilson Group and other financial specialists, making her a valuable part of the team that can help you focus on your financial goals every day, every year and beyond.

    For more information, please visit Lorraine's website


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