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US & Canada Green City Index – Vancouver comes 2nd!

The Economist Intelligence Unit – US and Canada Green City Index – Sponsored by Siemens


As reported in Time magazine in 2011 based on an Economist Intelligence Unit study, the Green City Index identifies the top cities in North America for a clean water supply, lower levels of carbon dioxide, best practices in city transportation & transit, recycling & composting of waste materials and laws with regards to an improved environment. Finishing 2nd overall of major cities in the US & Canada, the City of Vancouver is now targeting 2020 to claim the ‘Greenest City in the World’.

  1. San Francisco (83.8)

  2. Vancouver (81.3)

  3. New York City (79.2)

  4. Seattle (79.1)

  5. Denver (73.5)

  6. Boston (72.6)

  7. Los Angeles (72.5)

  8. Washington DC (71.4)

  9. Toronto (68.4)

  10. Minneapolis (67.7)

Numbers in Brackets Indicate a City’s Total Score

North America’s Highest Quality of Life

  • Mecca of Green Enterprise
  • Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  • Zero Waste through Recycling
  • Best Drinking Water of any City
  • Developing Urban Food Systems

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