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Vancouver The One & Only Top Ranked City In North America

Monocle Quality Of Life Survey 2018


Sourced from London, England, Monocle Magazine is one of the world’s finest publications for sophisticated urbanites and their city. These metropolis rankings quantify the vitality and vibrancy of today’s global urban centres analyzing crime, outdoor pursuits, available healthcare, state-funded education, and even takes into account conveniences such as outdoor seating. Other metrics to Monocle’s “Quality of Life Survey” are the number of international routes that connect to each city and the rest of the world. Vancouver consistently finishes in the top 25 cities on the planet according to Monocle Magazine, and is the best of only two cities in North America to make this prestigious ranking.


  1. Munich

  2. Tokyo

  3. Vienna

  4. Zürich

  5. Copenhagen

  6. Berlin

  7. Madrid

  8. Hamburg

  9. Melbourne

  10. Helsinki

  11. Stockholm

  12. Lisbon

  13. Sidney

  14. Hong Kong

  15. Vancouver

  16. Amsterdam

  17. Kyoto

  18. Düsseldorf

  19. Barcelona

  20. Paris

  21. Singapore

  22. Fukuoka

  23. Auckland

  24. Brisbane

  25. Oslo

North America’s Highest Quality of Life

  • Spectacular Setting
  • Efficient Transit
  • Adventure Gateway
  • Canadian Healthcare
  • World Leading Public Schools


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