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Vancouver The Only North American City In The Top 10



Global Finance’s 10 best cities list is based on these four reputable rankings: Monocle Magazine’s 2019 Quality of Life Survey, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index, Mercer Consulting’s Quality of Living City Ranking and Deutsche Bank’s Liveability Survey. Global Finance magazine reports: “Global employers take these city rankings into account to define their talent attraction and retention strategies, executives and employees consult them to make critical career decisions and seize the best opportunities a place can offer.”


  1. Vienna, Austria

  2. Zurich, Switerland

  3. Copenhagen, Denmark

  4. Munich, Germany

  5. Melbourne, Australia

  6. Vancouver, Canada

  7. Tokyo, Japan

  8. Helsinki, Finland

  9. Sydney, Australia

  10. Wellington, New Zealand

North America’s Highest Quality of Life

  • Great Weather
  • Stunning Scenery
  • A City Designed for Healthy Living
  • Urban Amenities
  • Excellent Dining & Nightlife

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